Fire Station "Baby Box" Gets First Newborn

Indiana's Safe Haven Law went into effect on July 1.

A newborn was left at a fire station in Indianapolis, Indiana, earlier this month just as the station was installing its first ever Safe Haven Baby Box. The baby box, which was being installed at the Decatur Township Fire Station No. 74, would have also been the first box in the county. 

The baby boxes are being installed as part of the 2018 Safe Haven Law, which went into effect on July 1, the same day the baby was left at the fire station.

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The law allows fire stations that are staffed around the clock to install the boxes. The Safe Haven Baby Box organization also has a 24-hour hotline that allows individuals to call to find where the boxes are located. 

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"We want to personally thank this young parent who so bravely chose to surrender their unharmed newborn to firefighters. We know that education and awareness around the Safe Haven Laws and Safe Haven Baby Boxes save lives,” said Safe Haven Baby Box founder Monica Kelsey in a release.

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