7 Features to Consider When Purchasing a Stroller

Before you make a purchase, decide what stroller features meet your needs.

Before making a big purchase, spend some time making a list of what components you need and look at these 7 features to consider when purchasing a stroller.

Purchasing a stroller can be intimidating; there are so many options, so many features, and such a large price range. Before you make your final decision, you’ll want to ask yourself these 3 questions about your stroller purchase.

Once you know how and when you’ll be using your new stroller, make sure you decide what features best fit your lifestyle. Use the seven questions below to help you decide what features are must-haves.

What Features Would you Like in a Stroller?

Before you buy big, spent some time making a list of what components you need in a stroller. The following questions you’ll want to ask about stroller features:

7 Features to Consider When Purchasing a Stroller

1. Does a travel system sound good?

A travel system, where an infant car seat and a stroller are packaged together, can be fantastic.Typically a travel system includes a car seat that seamlessly fits with the stroller. Sometimes you can even save money by purchasing the two as in a set.

You’ll want to carefully check the components of travel systems though.

Manufacturers often attempt to cut costs in these bundles and either the car seat or stroller may lack key features that would be available if you purchased each piece separately.

If you decide to purchase a car seat and stroller separately, double-check if your car seat will fit into the stroller or if you’ll need to purchase an aftermarket adapter for your car seat.

2. What is the seat height of the stroller?

Many strollers are rated for children 40 pounds or even higher, meaning many would still be able to ride into their preschool years. Check to make sure that the stroller seat height will support a child of this size, who will often be about 40 inches inches tall before they meet the stroller weight limits.

3. What is the handle height of the stroller?

Finding a stroller that is comfortable to push for parents of differing heights can be a challenge. Handle height will affect how easy it is to push as well as how comfortable it will be for a taller parent to take strides without hitting the stroller. Reading stroller reviews, asking questions, and trying out friends strollers will help you make a good decision.

4. What type of tires are best for you?

Small tires are perfect if you’re planning to be walking on paved surfaces or be traveling with your stroller. Strollers with smaller tires are also generally more lightweight and easier to put in a car.

If you’re planning to run with your stroller, note that not all three-wheeled strollers are equivalent for jogging. You’ll want to look for back tires that are 16 inches and a single, front tire that is 12 inches, as this sizing will be best to match your stride while running. The downside to these jogging strollers is they aren’t compact and may be harder to travel with.

5. Does the stroller have shocks?

If walking with a stroller is your main form of transportation, or if you plan to use the stroller on rough/bumpy terrain, purchasing one with shocks is a good idea. This will help make baby’s ride smoother and will be more comfortable for riding in long stretches.

6. Are the features of the stroller easy to use?

If you plan to use your stroller often, you’ll want to make sure the buckles, harness, and reclining positions are easy to use. You may have a squirming child you’re trying to get situated or have a sleeping baby you want to gently recline without waking. Making sure these features are safe, comfortable, and easy to use are important for those who will be using the stroller daily.

7. What add ons and extras are available for when baby grows?

Knowing what stroller accessories are available for your stroller are important as baby grows. Bug screens, rain covers, cup holders, and snack trays are all additional features on most strollers that may be handy for bigger kids. Are you planning to have more children? Perhaps you’d rather purchase a stroller that expands right now instead of needing to go through the buying process again.


Now that you’ve thought about how you’ll use the stroller and what features best fit your lifestyle, check out your options: read reviews, visit some manufacturer websites, and talk to your friends. Actually, friends can be that final decision making factor you need: try out their strollers, look at what others in your community are using, and ask questions.

You will never regret the time you’ve put into finding the best stroller for your needs.

Jess Wartinger

Jess Wartinger

Jess Wartinger resides in rural New York with her husband and five children. Formerly an early elementary teacher, Jess currently spends her time loving her kids and holding down the fort at home.

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