Why Family Travel is the Best Gift

Give the Gift of Your Presence this Holiday

When you travel together, your presence becomes your present.

When you travel together, your presence becomes your present.

We’ve created some of our most cherished memories traveling as a family, logging countless miles journeying around Florida, the states, and even around the globe together. My vivid childhood memories center around traveling with my family.

Yet, somehow in our culture, we’ve often prioritized the ‘Black Friday’ rush and what needs to be under the tree over using our funds to create those memories. Don’t get me wrong, our family loves to exchange gifts under the tree. We just do it in moderation so we prioritize our family budget to include travel.

In celebration of the most incredible gift ever to come to Earth, it’s an honor to exchange presents with family and friends. This year, why not consider giving the gift of your presence through travel, the best Christmas gift.

We are bombarded with choices in today’s overly saturated commercial society. Often, a sense of obligation to buy a gift to be placed under the tree can undermine the reason we celebrate the Christmas season in the first place. Let us always remember the reason for our celebration is the gift our Heavenly Father gave us in the gift of eternal salvation through his son, Jesus Christ.

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The Theme of Travel Throughout the Christmas Story

Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem. Jesus traveled to meet us on earth where we are. The wise men traveled to see Him. He traveled with his disciples. And, He called us to GO into all the world and share the Good News to all creation! Maybe we should follow after His lead, especially in celebrating His birth!

Not Convinced that Family Travel is the Best Christmas gift?

Imagine the memories and blessings of a reset, a time to tune-out the demands of our hectic, tech-filled lives and reflect, disconnect and reconnect with the season together as a family. Perhaps your idea of family travel involves heading to visit family with your new baby. Or, maybe you begin a new tradition and gather as a large family group and head on a vacation together? Whatever way you travel, family travel can be the best holiday gift.

Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31 (NIV)

Traveling Memories

One of my favorite memories from my oldest son’s first year was the Christmas I showed up on my grandmother’s doorstep with my six-month-old to surprise my extended family on Christmas morning. My husband wasn’t able to travel with me that year due to working in the hospitality business, but he encouraged me to make the journey.

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We celebrated Christmas a day early, and on Christmas Eve night, I packed my baby in a sling and myself in comfy travel clothes, and headed out on a red-eye flight for an unexpected Christmas-morning arrival. I even took a cab from the airport to grandma’s house and arrived at the front door, reserved for the entrance of company. Inside grandma’s, surrounded by scattered wrapping paper, warmth, coffee and little cousins in holiday pajamas, everyone stared outside at the arriving taxi wondering, “who could that be?”

The Christmas morning joy exuding from my mom at my arrival with her first grandbaby is something I’ll treasure forever. Sure, I could’ve sent everyone a gift, but I chose to give the gift of our presence, and I was blessed by theirs. It didn’t cost any more money to travel than store-bought and bow-tied gifts, but was the richest gift of all.

Travel Writers Speak on Why Travel is the Best Gift

I talked with many of my travel writer friends and asked them why they think the best Christmas gift is travel. Here’s what some of them said:

My friend Susan from Mom on the Map said “Because you are literally giving your Children the world :).“

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Marisa, the founder of TampaMama, shares this story and awesome memory: “Last year my daughter got a plane ticket to NYC for Christmas, even though we traveled later that year. We spent the entire weekend exploring and making memories we will both never forget. She has told me that it was the best present she’d ever received because she’ll never forget it!”

Nedra, the Adventure Mom, reminds us “Experience gifts give you something to look forward to. The memories you make with loved ones when you travel are priceless and the stories will be shared and celebrated for years to come.”

Seasoned traveler Robin provided some wisdom “Travel is the best gift because it not only gives you something to look forward to as the trip approaches, something to experience and enjoy while you are traveling, but it also provides wonderful memories to last a lifetime.”

Priceless Memories, Forever, with Travel as a Christmas Gift

Sure, you can buy and wrap gifts with your Christmas budget, (many Americans even add to astonishing credit card debt during the holidays) but holiday travel creates a lifetime of memories.

Nichola from Global Mouse Travels encourages us to consider travel: “Memories made from travel last so much longer than any other gift. If I ask my children about presents from last year or the year before they will struggle to remember. Ask them about trips we took and they remember the smallest details.” I second that. Our ten-year-old son Luke still talks about the candy shop in Paris from when he was three years old and asks when we are returning!

Unboxed Mom, Linda, says, “Travel gives us treasures of time that we otherwise would have never discovered or experienced.”

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Katie, an ex-pat living in Mexico from Paradise Praises, emphasizes “Family travel is the best gift because the memories made and bonds formed during those experiences last a lifetime.”

Are you Starting to Catch the Common Theme, Why Travel is the Best Gift?

"People who don’t travel always ask you: 'Why do you bother traveling with kids, they won’t remember anything?' Travels are our way of spending time together and it’s amazing how many things they do remember. Travel with kids is the best gift because it bounds our family together and creates a lifetime of very unique family stories that start something like this: “do you remember when we were… and we did… When can we do that again.” No other thing comes close to it! ” Inga from Cool Kidz Cool Trips.

Sarah encourages us what’s really important, “Travel is not just about the memories you make, or the adventures you take, but about doing those things together. I love that we do all these things as a foursome – I think it strengthens us a family.”

Bryanna really knows what she’s talking about, they chronicle their “Crazy Family Adventure” where they (like we did once) sold their house and everything in it to simplify and make memories. ” Travel is an amazing way to deepen your family bond. By giving travel as a gift you are sharing experiences that will be remembered forever.”

Inspired to hit the road this holiday season? These tips for flying with baby will help you make the most of it. Need some inspiration for where to travel as a family? Read our top destinations in the United States with baby.

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