3 Fun, Faith-Filled Easter Activities for Families

Fun activities and traditions to help you celebrate the significance of Easter.

With the ever-growing hype around bunnies, chicks, and candy-filled eggs, it can be easy to miss the true significance of Easter. Since I believe it’s the most important holiday of the year, I make sure to include several fun, faith-filled activities into our family traditions.

In honor of keeping our eyes focused on Jesus this Easter season, I’ll be sharing three faith-based Easter activities that will:

  • Help explain the Easter story to toddlers in a simple, engaging format
  • Encourage your children to draw closer to their Savior
  • Teach your kids the importance of showing love and kindness to others

1. Resurrection Eggs

resurrection eggs

Resurrection Eggs take the Easter story and break it down into twelve smaller parts for young children to understand, using tangible objects and short scripture passages.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Twelve plastic Easter eggs are filled with one small object and a corresponding Bible verse. Think silver coins, nails, metal cross, a stone, etc.
  • Twelve days before Easter Sunday, hide the first egg for your kids to find.
  • Once they find it, let them open the egg and hold the small object while you read the enclosed Bible verse. Discuss the details and meaning of the passage together.
  • The following day, see if they can remember what was in the previous days’ egg and repeat the process (1 egg each day) until Easter.

This is a great way to teach young children the Easter story in small increments while having fun. It’s perfect for kids with a short attention span and who learn better visually.

Added bonus: Resurrection Eggs are easy to make at home. The small objects are likely things already lying around your house somewhere. Here’s a detailed list of supplies and the corresponding Bible verses for you to download and print.

If you’d prefer to save on time and simply purchase them online, they can found here.

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2. Easter Countdown with Daily Bible Reading and Prayer

This activity is more like three rolled into one. Its purpose is to add extra focus towards your family’s relationship with God by praying and reading the Bible together.

Countdowns to special events build excitement and anticipation of what’s to come. Easter is the perfect time to use one that daily reminds your kids of Jesus’ love for them – displayed in his death and resurrection. We use a beautiful fabric Easter Banner from Barbara Rainey’s Ever Thine Home collection. This banner also comes with daily devotionals to read with your family. We don’t currently use the devotional as it’s geared towards a slightly older audience, but my kids sure do love getting to move the cursor one day closer each night before bed.

In place of the enclosed devotional, every night we read one chapter from the New Testament in The Jesus Story Book Bible. Each story points towards Jesus’ never-failing, unfathomable love for us. I highly recommend this Bible for children ages four and up as it’s paraphrased in an easy-to-understand way.

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We end our devotional time by praying for one or two other people that the kids select from a mason jar. Before Lent begins, simply write down 10-20 names of people your children want to pray for during this special time. Each night, have the kids select a different name from the jar and pray over those individuals.

We have a rule that if you pick a name from the jar, you get to say the prayer (not mom or dad). This helps kids become more comfortable praying candidly out loud. If your child is quite young or uncomfortable doing so, you can give the option to repeat after you, which still helps them practice talking with God.

The mason jar activity brings fun and suspense into praying for others as children anticipate who they’ll get to pray for that night. It’s incredibly endearing to watch just how excited my kids become at bedtime because they can’t wait to pick a new name from the jar. 

3. Home-Made Easter Cards with Jelly Beans

easter jelly bean poem printable

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What better way to involve kids in showing love and kindness at Easter than giving a home-made card and special treat to a loved one, friend, or neighbor? After all, the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 12:31)

You can decide how crafty and messy you want to get making Easter cards. Pinterest has oodles of ideas for your kids to create their very own masterpieces.

One of my favorite, easy crafts is to apply masking tape in the shape of a cross on the front of a white card. Get out your water colors and let your child go crazy painting all over the front. Once the pain dries, slowly remove the tape to reveal a beautiful white cross with a sunset background.

Next, the symbolic jelly beans. The idea behind this special bag of sweets is to share the hope of Easter with your neighbors. Each jelly bean color symbolizes a different truth about our Savior and the reason we have to celebrate. Here’s a cute printable you can download, or you can simply type or write it out yourself. Then, print out the poems and attach them to the jelly bean bags with ribbon.

Kids of all ages will enjoy filling the bags with candy and delivering them with their hand-made cards to neighbors and friends. This fun family activity allows everyone to experience the joy and satisfaction that comes from blessing others.

What Faith-Filled Activity Will You Choose?

So there you have it! 3 fun, faith-filled Easter activities you can include in your family’s holiday celebration! I hope you’ll consider incorporating some of these activities to help your family focus on the true meaning of Easter, all the while strengthening their faith and loving others in return.

Jen Heupel

Jen Heupel

Jen is a wife, mamma to three, and lover of all things real food, faith, and fitness. On her blog, Encouragement4today.com, she inspires others to implement healthy rhythms that nourish the mind, body, and soul.

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