DIY Candy Cane Reindeer Treat

A Fun, Easy, Adorable Holiday Craft

Are you looking for a fun and simple Christmas craft for the whole family?

My mom helped us make these when we were kids and then we gave them away as gifts. (We also played with them and ate them too).

These DIY candy cane reindeer treats are easy to assemble and add a nice touch to a gift ensemble as a tag or peeping out of a gift bag.

Lena Vogelgesang

Lena Vogelgesang

Lena likes to define herself by the Seven C’s: Christ, Chris, Children, Comrades, Coffee, Cheese, & Cardio. Due to her love of coffee and cheese, she must also have a relationship with increasing her heart rate. The Lord has given her a wonderful husband in Chris and they have two young boys.

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