Disney Photographer Filled Make A Wish Trip with Pixie Dust

A dream-come-true trip shows this family the magic of Disney.

The Happiest Place On Earth lived up to its name on the day Finn Blumenthal arrived. Kelly Blumenthal, Finn’s mom, was like most moms on a Disney trip. She was focused on capturing the classic Magic Kingdom castle photo to start their day. Once that was complete, a weight would be lifted off mom’s shoulders. It would be nothing but magical moments from then on. For her and her husband, Michael, to watch the Disney magic sparkle in children’s eyes was next on the agenda. But first, that photo.

They made it to the front of the line right away. Handing Finn his Make A Wish sign, Blumenthal asked the photographer if she could just take a few pictures of Finn with his sign. She told the photographer they would get back in line for the family photo right after. With the flip of an imaginary wand, Linda, the photographer, told her to take her time.

Still focused on capturing the must-have moments, the family began to walk to the back of the line after taking Finn’s photo. That’s when Linda stopped them. She had something to tell Finn (and his parents). Blumenthal picked up Finn so he was at Linda’s level, while a large crowd formed behind them.

"It's pixie dust."

“Come here honey,” she said to Finn. “I want to tell you something. Today is not about what you’ve been through in the past and it’s not about what you may go through in the future. Today is only about today Finn. I want to give you something very special ok? Can you hold on tight? Hold out your hand.” At that point she pulled out what looked like nothing. “It’s pixie dust. And you know what Finn? It’s magic. Just for you. Hold it tightly ok? Today is going to be full of magic for you.”

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The Disney chaos seemed to be standing still. The crowd watched in awe at the magic of Disney. Tears and smiles were on everyone’s faces, and then Linda proceeded to capture that family photo as the families waiting in line clapped for sweet Finn.

“We went into this trip excited to see the magic through our children’s eyes. Just like on Christmas or their birthdays. We weren’t expecting to see it through our own eyes as well. But we did. Something happened. Disney Magic is real.” Blumenthal wrote.

Follow Finn’s journey here.

Sandee Gruner

Sandee Gruner

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