Deck the Halls with...Baby Photo-Shoot Bombs

Having realistic expectations on a baby photo shoot.

The Holidays tend to be filled with moments one might want to capture, frame and hang on the wall. Especially when a new baby is in the mix, the shutterbugs come out in swarms. While social media sites can be dripping with perfect baby portraits, it is important to have the right expectations for these little models.

So before you book your photographer or buy props and paraphernalia, take a look at these 31 photos that "Nailed It" with their baby-photoshoot. A couple of my favorites that had me jolly were "Twins with Christmas Lights," "Bundles of Joy" and "Baby Sleeping Gently with Dad." Fa La La La La La La La. 

(See the photos from Parenthood.Topix)

Lena Vogelgesang

Lena Vogelgesang

Lena likes to define herself by the Seven C’s: Christ, Chris, Children, Comrades, Coffee, Cheese, & Cardio. Due to her love of coffee and cheese, she must also have a relationship with increasing her heart rate. The Lord has given her a wonderful husband in Chris and they have two young boys.

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