A Dad's Legacy Ends on the Last Day of School

What do you that's special for your kids each morning before you walk out the door?

Is there something you do for your kids every morning before they leave for school?

A note in their lunch box?
A special hug or kiss routine?
A prayer as they walk out the door?
A favorite breakfast?

For Tom Sullivan, it was as simple as peeling an orange.

From the day his "baby girl" went to kindergarten until her last day of high school, he would peel an orange for her before including it in her lunch.

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But on the last day of high school, he realized he could no longer help her in this way. Instead, he included a print-out that taught her how to peel an orange, along with a handwritten note that said, "It's time Baby Girl"...complete with a sad face.

Tom knew this simple step would literally, and figuratively, prepare her for the journey she was about to take as she headed off to college.

Touched by the sentiment, Meg Sullivan took a picture of the note and posted it on Twitter:


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Little did Meg, or her dad, realize just how much people of all ages would resonate with the post. After garnering about 300 likes in 24 hours, it's now almost at the 500K mark. 

This post hits home not only because it's graduation season, but because it reminds all of us as parents that time is fleeting.

You can read the original story on The News Tribune and see the father/daughter pair share a touching video as well.

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