7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

Seven Ideas for a Lifetime of First Holiday Season Memories

As we approach the Christmas holiday, use these creative ideas as a guide to capture memories from baby’s first Christmas that will last a lifetime

Christmas Season is upon us, and celebrating Baby’s First Christmas can be one of the most memorable experiences of your family life yet.

In the whirlwind of the holiday season, it’s easy to get wrapped up in events, gifts, and obligations that it’s easy to get consumed with busyness and forget to truly create lasting memories with your newborn for their first holiday season. Here are a few creative ideas to make celebrating your first Christmas with baby, whether your first or tenth, a memorable one. 

There has to be a more memorable way than just an ornament to commemorate such a joyous occasion as a new birth! On a quick search, I found thousands of creative DIY baby’s first Christmas ornaments on Pinterest. You’ll get plenty of ideas!

While a baby’s first Christmas ornament is a must, and a way to reminisce year after year as you adorn your tree, the decorations only bless us one month of the year. Let these seven ideas help the celebrating linger, long after the tree is untrimmed.   

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7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Christmas

  1. Create a Hand Cast- This can be a simple idea from a DIY kit to a formal studio type setting from a potter. You can cast just baby’s hand, foot, or a combination of your whole family holding hands.  

  2. Hand Paintings- A few years ago, we used both our boys hands prints and washable green paint to create a Christmas tree on canvas. We have so much fun with this as a memory year after year, and it’s a way to incorporate the whole family with new baby. I’ve also made angels with baby hand prints and washable paint. 

  3. Professional Photos - Investing in professional photos, of your baby and your family, can be one of the best ways to remember your first Christmas with your new blessing. Pick a beautiful setting with your photographer, and have some seasonal shots taken in a gorgeous outdoor setting such as the community Christmas tree, light display, or tree lot. Choose matching attire and maybe even a piece of heirloom clothing for baby. Then, have some fun and do some of those shots with baby all wrapped up in Christmas lights or in front of your tree in a basket with a Santa hat! Go ahead and capture the memories, and then share the prints on your Christmas cards and with family in frames for their gifts. These Christmas portraits are sure to be the most cherished under the tree.  

  4. Invest in Sign Language - Learning baby sign language is a gift that keeps on giving, not just for your baby but for the communication and memories in your whole family. We had the most incredible experience being able to “talk” with our babies even before a word could come from their lips! By our son’s first birthday, he knew 90 words with our practice from the Signing Time program. You could sign up for a class or invest in this or a different at home baby sign language program.   

  5. Take a Trip - Traveling with your newborn can be an exciting time, and certainly one of the most memorable vacations you’ll ever have as a family. If your parents live a distance away, consider surprising the grandparents with a visit for baby’s first Christmas, or rent a cabin in the mountains or house by the sea with the whole family to celebrate making memories together.

  6. Make a Quilt or Have one made from your favorite Baby Clothes - Babies outgrow their precious newborn outfits all too quickly. Think about turning some of your favorite outfits, onesies and even extra baby blankets handcrafted into a quilt to be cherished forever.  

  7. Sponsor a Child - Perhaps an often overlooked way to celebrate baby’s first Christmas, yet one of the most impactful ones. If you sponsor a child through an organization like Compassion, you set the stage for a life of generosity ahead. Your baby will be born with everything they need, consider making another child’s life better, too. Your child will grow up with generosity in their spirit from the very beginning, and be able to watch their sponsored family member grow up along side, and bless them every year, not just the first. 

These are just a few creative ideas to make celebrating your first Christmas with baby, whether your first or tenth, a memorable one. Whatever way you choose to celebrate baby’s first Christmas, these creative ideas will sure to add a lifetime of sparkle and shine to your memory book.


Jen Reyneri

Jen Reyneri

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