Creative Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

Creative ideas to capture memories from baby’s first Valentine’s Day that will steal your heart forever.

Love is in the air, and celebrating baby’s first Valentine’s Day can become a super sweet and festive occasion full of XOXO, red lips and lots of hearts!

Some ideas are elaborate, requiring a professional photographer and extraordinary settings, while some can be recreated with your smart phone or simple craft store supplies.

I’ve scoured the internet for some of the cutest, sweetest, and most memorable ways to capture the spirit of love with your new baby this Valentine’s Day.

Creative Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Valentine’s Day

  1. Take an awesome Valentine’s themed snapshot
This can be a simple idea from a DIY background like a chain of hearts or a basket of red, to a formal studio type setting from a professional photographer. This Pinterest Board is full of some awesome inspiration to give you ideas. Some of my favorites are baby covered in red lipstick and this one in daddy’s tie. Oh, how smoochable!
    1. Have a Valentine’s Day Party
    Invite some other new moms and their babies for your very own “First Valentine’s Day Party!” Have everyone dress in red and white and instead of candy rings, give out teething rings! How about fruit puree pouches tagged for the holiday with “You’re My Main Squeeze!” The fun and photos from this event are sure to be a hit with everyone. What about fresh fruit in a basket with photo booth signs that say, “You’re berry sweet! I’m bananas for you! Orange you glad you’re my Valentine?” Or, how about cereal in sippie cups saying, “You’re cereal-ously the best, Valentine!” The Disney Baby blog is full of other ideas for baby’s first Valentine’s Day.
      1. Make a Hand or Foot-Print Craft
      I’ve seen adorable roses popping up from feet, cupids painted with one foot, and even the “v” in the word love crafted from two tiny feet! So cute! This Pinterest board was my favorite full of awesome and inexpensive inspirations for you.
        1. Sponsor a Child
        Perhaps an often overlooked way to spread the love on baby’s first Valentine’s, yet one of the best ways to share love around the world. If you sponsor a child through an organization like Compassion, you set the stage for a life of love and generosity ahead.

          Whichever way you choose, I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love and SOOOOO many baby smooches! With these ideas, the theme of glorious amounts of LOVE can last throughout the year, and not just on Valentine’s Day.

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          Do you have any other creative ideas how you will make your first Valentine’s memories with baby? Share your comments below and then be sure to share some pics of your baby’s First Valentine’s Day with our Facebook community to inspire other new moms.

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