Creative Boy Baby Shower Decorations to Make Mom Feel Cherished

Unique Decorations to Make a Boy’s Baby Shower Stand Out

Surprisingly unique ways you can decorate for a boy’s baby shower.

Baby boy is on his way and what better way to prepare mom for his impending arrival than to throw a baby shower to “shower” her with all the things she’ll need to take care of her little bundle of joy.

Sometimes, though, trying to decide on the perfect baby shower decorations and theme can be quite an undertaking, especially when there are so many choices. And, there are some adorable baby gifts to easily support your shower theme.

So, to make your job as baby shower host just a little bit easier, I’ve put together a list of some of the most popular baby shower decoration and theme ideas for baby boy. Plus, I’ve curated a Pinterest board so that you can easily pin it and get on with the real work of putting it all together.

1. Mustaches

Mustache decorations are all the rage right now, and for good reason – they are absolutely adorable. Take any plain party accessory, add a paper mustache, and voila – it’s instantly a little more fun. You can add paper mustaches to cups, straws, silverware holders, signs, drink stations, party favors, and of course, put them on the walls for stand-alone decorations.

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There are also mustache balloons that can be used to create an on-theme balloon display. Mustache desserts are also a fun way to keep with the theme and add to the décor with food. You can create mustache Rice Krispy treats, a mustache-shaped cake, and cupcakes with fondant or frosting mustaches on top, just to name a few. How about a shower game, “I mustache you a question”?

2. Woodland

Foxes and bears and owls, oh my! A woodland theme is a unique way to add some flair to your baby shower. And, what’s nice about a woodland theme is that it offers you a broad range of decorations to choose from. There’s no right or wrong way to decorate for a woodland themed baby shower.

It’s also a great theme to use if you’re working on a budget. You can use online printables for paper decorations and forage in your yard for rustic decorations - pine cones, tree branches, moss and acorns can all be used to add to your rustic décor.

Also, if you have plaid tablecloths or kitchen towels in your Christmas decorations, you can use them to add to your woodland theme at no extra cost. There are even some adorable baby gifts to support your theme, like this awesome outdoor-themed baby gym or the fox and owl sound soother and sensors.

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3. Ties and Bowties

Tie and bowtie decorations are another super easy and delightful way to take your baby shower theme to the next level. Just like paper mustaches, adding a paper bowtie or tie to almost anything makes it instantly more festive.

You can:
* make a tie banner
* add bowties to straws
* create an easy centerpiece with paper bowties on straws and candy
* make a huge bowtie wall decoration out of poster board
* make bowties out of napkins to add to your silverware bundles
* create fun (and easy) snacks in the shape of bowties
* add simple bowties decorations to cakes, cupcakes and cookies 

4. Safari

A safari themed baby shower is a classic, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be unique. Use whimsical giraffe, elephant and monkey cut-outs to create a unique paper garland, make a diaper cake centerpiece and add stuffed animals to decorate it, and use zebra and leopard print tablecloths and top them with faux palm fronds to take your decorations on the wild side.

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You can also create fun food decorations with banana and palm frond-shaped cookies or create lion, monkey or elephant faces on cupcakes. Lion King music playing in the background, anyone?

5. Nautical

Another classic and easy theme for a baby shower is nautical. It doesn’t take much to make a room instantly feel like it’s ready to set sail. You can make a pennant banner from printouts of anchors or sailboats, hang a large anchor cut-out on the wall, or if you’re really ambitious, you can create a diaper cake in the shape of a ship. The sky’s the limit when it comes to nautical decorations.

No matter what theme or decorations you choose to celebrate the miracle of baby boy’s birth, as long as the mom-to-be feels cherished and loved, there are countless ways to make any space feel festive and warm. I hope these ideas have inspired you.

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