Change the World: The Great Cloth Diaper Change

One event brings family together across the globe to discuss the benefits of cloth diapering.

Discover why eco-conscious parents will gather around the world on Earth Day! 

If you’ve read any of my past articles, it’s no secret I am (was) a fan of cloth diapering, especially with all-in-ones. When my boys were babes, I even made my own reusable natural cloth baby wipes!

What I bet you didn’t know is there’s a day dedicated to celebrating the best bet for bums - across the globe!

On Earth Day, budget-wise and eco-conscious parents around the world will gather for the Great Cloth Diaper Change. Last year, thousands of cloth diapering families gathered at 179 GCDC events in 18 countries around the world to bring awareness to the benefits of cloth diapering through the Real Diaper Association.  (Yes, there is a 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to this dirty job).

Together, through local event hosts, the RDA organizes the Great Cloth Diaper Change Day and reaches people who have no experience with cloth diapers. Their mission is simple: to help change diapers, one baby at a time. Or on the Great Cloth Diaper Change Day, is it to help change one diaper at a time, all at once? 

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With more and more benefits to cloth diapering being presented, the Real Diaper Association has even garnered sponsorships for the Great Cloth Diaper Exchange from the baby industry giant Gerber. The non-profit organization provides evidence-based research and information to help families with their cloth diapering journeys. They’ve even compiled a wash formula and easy instructions combined with laundry science.

If that’s not enough, in November 2017, you can attend the “School of Cloth” and learn even more about the ancient wisdom of cloth diapering. Their hope is you, too, can connect with other families and become an advocate of this Earth and bottom-friendly diapering method.

The RDA is seeking hosts and advocates, or circle leaders, across the globe through their Facebook group and website to help increase the awareness of cloth diapers and to engage a larger turnout for the Great Cloth Diaper Change.

Hosts can create their own events of any size, from simple organized playdates to exhibits with hundreds of attendees, sponsors, presentations and even entertainment. The RDA even encourages partnering with other local Earth Day activities. 

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Are you a cloth diaper advocate? Sound like fun? Want to get involved? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Visit the Great Cloth Diaper Change
  2. Look for a local event on the search page.
  3. Visit their Facebook page.
  4. No event in your area? No problem, you can host one and “be the change!”


Have you ever participated in an Earth Day event like this? Or have you created one in your community? If so, we'd love to hear about it below!

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