What You Put on Facebook Could Harm Your Baby

Sometimes, even posting birth dates can be too much information.

A Las Vegas woman recently attempted to kidnap a baby, using Facebook conversations and account information to piece together facts about the child. She then forged paperwork, using birth dates she'd actually found through the parents' public Facebook information.

Joanna Boyd, 39, spoke with the parents online about baby clothes after they posted that they were searching for apparel (The Bump). But she used social media to make the documents and then pretended to be a Child Protective Services worker. Her mistake was trying to fool the police.

She went to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, pretending that she wanted to remove the baby from its home immediately. The police didn't trust her paperwork, and she did not give them proper identification, according to The Bump. She was then arrested.

Though Boyd was never able to carry out her kidnapping plan, her story is a caution to parents. Posting information about your children on social media can potentially be dangerous. Click here for more details.

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps is a writer, editor, and dancer based in Nashville, Tennessee. She enjoys working with other people to improve their writing, taking long road trips, experimenting with choreography, and reading many novels.

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