Don't Forget to Breathe When You Get Frustrated

At some point, mothers will want to scream.

In her Motherly article on screaming versus breathing, Elizabeth Tenety warns mothers that at some point they will want to scream. This can happen because they feel unsupported or unheard, she writes.

Mothers need a way to vocalize their stress - sometimes physical stress. But she tells moms to breathe instead of scream, even during childbirth or new motherhood.

When a mother is overwhelmed by demands, by business, by clutter - breathe. Remembering that she is doing her best and is only one person can help her to slow down. And though it's tempting to scream at children when they anger you - breathe instead of snapping.

When a mom takes time to breathe, she lowers her stress. When she takes time to breathe, she has an opportunity to choose a different response. Tenety's advice to mothers is thorough and wise.

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