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It can be possible to obtain a free breast pump through your insurance company, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. A breast pump is useful for storing extra milk, allowing you to leave your baby with someone else on a date night, and emptying your milk supply if you're too full. There are a few insurance providers who may not be subject to this requirement, so contact your insurance company to learn details.

Ask them if your policy covers a breast pump, when during your pregnancy you are eligible for one, and which medical supply companies can give you one ( You can also ask if you need to get one from a medical supply store, or if you can purchase one online and have your receipt reimbursed. Making sure that you ask a lot of questions will better help you to find answers and obtain a breast pump.

The four best suppliers of breast pumps are Aeroflow Breast Pumps, Edgepark Medical Supplies, Lucina, and Byram Healthcare. They provide multiple brands of breast pumps. To obtain a pump, research your many options and ask your insurance company thorough questions. 

Have you exercised your healthcare benefits to get a breast pump? Let us know in the comments. Click here for more information on breast pump suppliers and their requirements.

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