Figuring Out the Best Way to Move With Young Children

Thoughtful planning can help your baby adjust to a new lifestyle.

Not only are there plenty of logistical concerns when moving with a young child, but also continuing a consistent schedule can be challenging when you're trying to juggle a crew of movers, packing furniture, and saying goodbye to a home. However, Tracy Spackman, a certified Gentle Sleep Coach, developed a thorough list of tips for moving with an infant or toddler.

Before moving, plan out elements of your trip, such as activities and toys for an airplane flight or stopping for diaper changes and food on the road. Research childcare in your new area in advance, if you know you will need it. And it can be helpful to find someone to take care of your child on moving day, which is often busy, loud, and stressful.

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You can help your young child adjust by packing unwashed sheets and blankets, so that the smells are familiar. You can also play soft, comforting music to help distract them from the loud noises of furniture and appliances being moved and installed. After the move, you'll have time to focus on helping your baby adjust.

Reestablishing a sleep plan in your new house may take a little time; you can spend a night or two in the nursery to provide comfort and security (UPack). Also plan to babyproof the house quickly for physical security. Becoming involved with activities and families in your new community will help establish an essential support system, Spackman explains.

Though moving with small children adds a complex layer to a new lifestyle change, it's doable, through practical and thoughtful planning. Click here to read a full plan for moving with an infant or toddler.

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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