The Best Swimwear for New Moms

Shopping for swimwear doesn't have to be a nightmare.

For most women, buying swimwear is not fun. Regardless of whether we look like a supermodel or not, when we walk into a dressing room with its fluorescent lights that show off every perceived imperfection on our bodies, and we squeeze into flimsy pieces of Lycra, most of us get insecure. Very insecure.

New moms face these insecurities in untold quantities because their bodies have just delivered humans, and their bodies have changed. Many new moms may not even recognize the person in the mirror anymore.

Yes, some moms bounce back to a slim figure quickly, but even the ones that do still have to contend with certain changes to their body, such as larger breasts and hips.

After having my first child, I dropped the baby weight quickly, but my body still looked ... different. My child was breastfeeding around the clock, so inevitably, my breasts were almost always full of milk.

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My hips were also wider.

Things that had fit easily before were just barely inching over my hips, even though my scale was telling me I was almost as skinny or skinnier than I had been before I had my first child.

There was nothing wrong with how I looked, but it was still unnerving to see my body looking so different.

3 Tips for Swimsuit Shopping

Swimsuit shopping doesn't have to be so overwhelming or depressing. We just need to change how we approach the dreaded task. Below, I've compiled a few tips to save your sanity this swimsuit season:

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1. Don't try on a swimsuit at the store. I rarely, if ever, try on swimsuits at the store. I hate dressing rooms (and I hate trying stuff on while my children wait), so I usually buy three or four options so I can try them on in my fluorescent-free home and then return the ones that I don't want.

2. Buy your swimsuit online. I know this advice is counterintuitive to what many people think about buying swimsuits, but for new moms, it helps to stay away from the store. It's hard to make rational decisions when your stressed about your child waking up and screaming to be fed.

3. Buy for comfort, not style. Most "stylish" swimsuits look like medieval torture devices with their extra openings and ridiculous ties. Go for the swimsuit that lets you walk around and have fun without constantly having to readjust. 

5 Perfect Swimsuit Options for New Moms

1. Beach Blanket Bingo One-Piece. This adorable, vintage-inspired swimsuit is perfect for any new mom. The polka-dot print and ruching add a fun and flattering touch (ModCloth, $89).

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2. Boden Wrap Front Swimsuit. This swimsuit is a great option for a new mom. The flattering design of the swimsuit gets high ratings from its owners, and it comes in a wide-range of patterns (Boden, $90).

3. Magicsuit Natalie Shirred One-Piece. This flattering one-piece has shirred shoulders that can be worn on or off the shoulders and a shirred bodice with tummy control for a slimming look (Steinmart, $59.99).

4. Profile by Gottex Tutti-Frutti Bandeau Peplum Tummy Control Swim Dress. This fun and flirty one-piece offers both tummy control and a peplum bottom for a little extra coverage (Dillard's, $138).

5. Attraco Women's Tankini Swimsuits Cross-Back Two-Piece Swimwear. This cute, functional and affordable tankini is ideal for the busy mom. Its crossed back and fun pattern also adds a little extra style (Amazon, $26.99). 

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Whatever swimsuit you choose this summer, remember that even though your body might not be the exact same shape and size it was before you had a baby, you are beautiful just the way you are.

Your body created a life, growing it from minute cells to a full-term baby. You are a miracle worker, and your changing body is a reflection of your amazing accomplishments.

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