Bedtime Yoga for Kids?

Could these yoga poses help your child sleep better?

For some children, getting to sleep easily and having a restful night's sleep is a nightly struggle. In fact, a majority of the children in the United States don't get the sleep they need.

According to a 2004 poll about children's sleep, 69 percent of children under the age of 10 struggle with sleep-related issues, including not feeling rested, struggling to wake up in the morning, feeling tired during the day or waking too early. 

There are those who believe doing yoga poses before bed will help children fall asleep easier and sleep more restfully. GAIAM suggests five poses that will help with your child's sleep:

  1. Greet the moon
  2. Candlestick
  3. Hugs
  4. Spaghetti Test
  5. Wishing Star


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