Be Resolute but Reasonable with Your Workouts

Evaluate why you want to workout, set reasonable goals, and be creatively resolute.

According to, the number one New Year’s resolution for 2017 is to lose weight. I’m sure this comes as no surprise as it’s probably high on your list as well.

Health and fitness are not bad goals to have, but since coming up with my family’s word for the year, I am better able to sift through my own aspirations and workout goals.

As you are thinking about setting New Year’s fitness resolutions, here are a few things to consider:

Workout for the right reasons

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In a previous article, I shared my journey about accepting my body and finding value not in what I look like, but in who I am. So the reasons why I workout have less to do with fitting into a pair of jeans and more to do with mental health benefits, increased physical stamina, discipline, and setting a good example for my daughter.

Of course, fitting into a favorite pair of jeans is a great byproduct of consistent workouts and eating well, but healthy living has to start in my mind before I even step foot into the gym.

Be flexible with when and how you workout

As moms of young kids, our time is often not our own. Remember, seasons of life change as our kids grow, so bear that in mind as you set a goal for working out.

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Don’t worry about the recommended days and time you should be working out. Instead, look realistically at your day and be creative with how you fit it in.

  • Bundle up baby and go for a walk – naps were often on the go in the early months for my daughter. She was snuggled up on my chest in a carrier and I was working off extra pounds – win/win!
  • Look for mommy-baby workouts online – fun and healthy bonding time!
  • Do a yoga video with your kids – my daughter loves doing kid’s yoga now and it is adorable!
  • In the winter, shovel the driveway or go sledding – the perfect way to keep from being cooped up in the house!

My daughter often accompanies my workouts.  Whether it’s a walk in the woods or on the yoga mat in the living room, working out with your children will set them up for healthy habits.

Be reasonable while being resolute

I’m a planner and I like to have a goal each week for the number of times I’m going to workout. I try to get 3 days of cardio and 2 days of yoga or other weight-resistance workouts. If I don’t have a plan, I won’t accomplish as much.

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That being said, I also need to give myself grace when things don’t go as planned. We all know that life happens and schedules are disrupted. I try not to stress too much about a missed workout.

There has to be a balance between being too rigid and giving up too easily. What helps me find balance is often an exercise partner.

A couple mornings a week, a few of my friends and I get together to workout while our girls play. We have the luxury of working out at our local college’s gym and our girls are old enough to keep themselves safely entertained.

Different seasons have brought varied ways to workout with my friends; they give me the accountability I need to be resolute about working out consistently.

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Whether you're meeting a friend once a week to walk and talk or doing lunges while cleaning the house, get creative in finding ways and times to include your kids in your workout sessions. Hopefully these strategies will help you set and accomplish realistic health and fitness goals. Here’s to a healthy New Year!

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Annie Wiesman

Annie Wiesman

Annie Wiesman is the co-author of “Education Begins at Birth: A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers for Kindergarten.” She is a former kindergarten teacher turned stay-at-home mom who enjoys traveling, hiking in the mountains, and creating memories together with her husband and little girl.

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