Babywise Growth Charts

Keep track of progress with our easy-to-use growth chart also found in our best-selling book.

One of the most important things necessary for a baby’s health is parents who simply pay attention. But while most parents spend plenty of time watching and enjoying our children, most of us don’t know what we ought to be looking for or how often we ought to expect it.

So, we’ve come up with our growth chart which helps you monitor 4-5 things during the first ten weeks after birth, registering how often each item ought to occur. Not only are these benchmarks generally accepted standards, but recording how your baby measures against them will provide valuable precise information for pediatrician visits that our faulty memories just won’t be able to recall with any real accuracy.

We want to see your baby thrive and using these charts will make it immediately apparent if your baby is failing to thrive for any reason at all. Therefore, if your baby is falling short in any of the areas measured by the charts for more than a day, we urge you to contact your pediatrician and use the charts to point out the discrepancy.

CLICK HERE to download and print our PDF and put it in a visible place (like your fridge) where you will remember to update it throughout each day.

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