Babywise Boot Camp

The proven way to start baby sleep training TODAY!

The proven way to start baby sleep training TODAY!

Welcome to Babywise Boot Camp: the proven way to start baby sleep training TODAY!

With over 25 years and thousands of case studies backing our #1 ranked sleep system, we've decided to boil it down into a bullet list to make getting started with infant sleep training as easy as it has ever been.

Let's face it: you're most likely here because you're tired and looking for a simple yet proven resource to help your baby (and yourself) find rest throughout the night. If you're here, then chances are you're already exhausted, so please allow us to provide you with a one page checklist that, partnered with your parental intuition, will guide you in getting baby to sleep, helping them stay asleep, and allowing them an optimal state of rest. But first, we have to ask one very important question...


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Why is sleep so important?

Everyone from astronauts to college athletes are singing the praise of going to bed early these days. While we've always heard how important it is to get a full eight hours of sleep each night, sleep studies have been all over the news lately touting how sleep is even more beneficial that we've ever given it credit for. Helping everything from memory and cognitive functioning to health and athletic performance, a good night's sleep is crucial for so many reasons.

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Oct 27, 2016
4 Baby Sleep Facts Every New Mom Needs to Know


Rest assured, you can and should expect your baby to acquire the skill of sleeping through the night, but rarely...

4 Baby Sleep Facts Every New Mom Needs to Know

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So where should you start? I'm glad you asked. Follow this simple Babywise method summary to start baby's sleep training schedule:

Babywise Boot Camp in 7 Simple Steps

1. Figure Out Your Baby's Age in Weeks

 Starting with baby's birthdate, figure out how many weeks old your baby is. This is critical for knowing where to start baby off on the sleep training process. Different babies may experience progress at different rates according to their individual sleep needs, but for now, start with your baby's biological age

2. Print Out Baby's Sleep Schedule

After determining baby's age in weeks, print out the sleep schedule that best corresponds to the age range they presently find themsleves in. By printing it out and keeping it near your feeding supplies, whoever is helping with baby's routine will know the plan and be able to make note of any variations. You'll also want to print out the First Year Nap Summary printable to keep track of when each merge takes place.

3. Begin the PDF Program TODAY

PDF stands for Parent-Directed Feeding, a 24-hour infant management strategy designed to help parents connect with the needs of their baby and help baby connect with everyone in the family. The three activities of your baby's day are feeding time, wake-time, and naptime. With age-appropriate modifications, these same three activities continue through baby's first birthday. Once you figure out baby's age in weeks and print out the corresponding sleep schedule, start the PDF method the next morning.

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4. Decide Where Your Baby Should Sleep

While experts seem to disagree on the length of time baby should sleep in the same room as their parents, they seem to all agree that having a baby sleep in the parents' room initially is important for several reasons.

According to the AAP, "it is recommended that infants sleep in the parents’ room, close to the parents’ bed, but on a separate surface designed for infants, ideally for the first year of life, but at least for the first 6 months."

According to On Becoming Babywise, the advantage to having the baby sleep in the parents’ room initially is also for the convenience of nighttime feedings. Your newborn will need to feed at least every three hours, so the closeness of the crib is helpful.

While there isn't a definitive answer on where baby should sleep, for safety reasons, we agree co-sleeping and bed-sharing should be avoided. Some of our favorite products to help baby sleep include the following:


5. Plan for the Next Step

Understanding the next merge before baby gets there is crucial. Parental management is all about merging the changing needs of one growth stage with the next. Familiarize yourself with the next stage of feed-wake-sleep changes - reviewing when they should come and the specific guidelines associated with each - so that you are not caught off guard when your baby is ready for the next step.

6. Join Our Babywise Community

Have more specific questions? We have a highly-trained team of volunteers who not only know these sleep training methods inside and out, but have put them into practice on their own children. Feel free to ask specific questions or even help other moms in the same stage you are in over on our Babywise.Life Facebook Page.

7. Download the Book

Ready to get started and dig deeper? Now you can read the most popular infant sleep book directly from your device: download On Becoming Babywise today!

Need even more encouragement? Read endorsements from the medical community or check out success stories from actual Babywise moms


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