Success Stories from Babywise Moms

More moms give their reasons for choosing the Babywise method and how it's worked for them

As a young, first-time mom, I had no idea how to care for my little baby girl.  I assumed it was best to rock and feed her to sleep.  That is what I did.  As my daughter grew, it became harder and harder to coax her to sleep with this method.  About nine months after my daughter was born, a dear friend of mine also had her first baby.  However, she didn’t seem to be experiencing the same sleep problems with her baby that I was experiencing with mine.  After seeking her advice, my friend told me about the principles found in Babywise.  

My husband and I both agreed it was time, past time, to start sleep training with our daughter, who was now about twelve months old. It was a difficult transition for her and for us, but in the end she learned to self-sooth and her sleeping habits greatly improved. When babies #2 and #3 were born, we elected to use Babywise from the beginning. What a dramatic difference there was for their first years of life compared to our oldest daughter! Both our second and third child developed predictable and reliable sleep habits early on, that I can honestly say have followed them into their late teens years. My second and third children are only eleven months apart. If I had not taught them to self-soothe, I am quite certain I would have lost my mind.   In addition, I can say that it is easier both physically and emotionally, to begin a sleep training routine with a small baby than with a twelve month old toddler. I have never regretted the use of Babywise early on with our second and third child. I have often wished I could go back and start Babywise with our first baby from the beginning though.  

Tricia M


I have a friend whose daughter is 2 years older than my oldest child.As I watched her with her baby and then toddler, I knew that I wanted to do what she did!Her baby slept through the night!Her toddler was obedient the first time and my friend was such a calm, sweet spirit.Honestly, my experience was NOT the same!I have 2 daughters and they both had horrible colic and my youngest was a very strong willed toddler.However, I know that without the principles found in Babywise, I never would have got either of them sleeping and my strong-willed childs behavior would have been even worse.Babywise and the rest of the On Becoming series, along with my wonderful friends help and guidance (directing me to other contact moms, etc.) gave my husband and me the tools to deal with our challenging girls.They are now 20 and 18 and I can say that we are transitioning into the friendship stage!What a blessing! 



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The On Becoming series has been a huge blessing for our family since we got first heard of it three years ago.  My husband is in the military and in addition to being a stay at home mom, I also work part time as a military Reservist.  We have an almost 3-year-old son and a 1-year-old daughter.  

In the very first book, On Becoming Babywise, not only did we learn the basics of healthy sleep, eat and wake cycles, but most importantly, it taught us how essential our marriage was to the structure of our family.  Keeping our relationship strong not only sets us up for a happy lifelong commitment but also shows love to our children.  Learning to structure our days, specifically in On BeomoingToddlerwise, has been essential.  I go out of town for 3-4 days every other month and my husband can jump right in as the fulltime caregiver without a hitch.  While he is always very thankful to have me back, he is able to enjoy their time together.  I also telecommute twice a week during my kids’ nap times so having them on a predictable routine is very important.  I can plan times of productivity and rest for myself as parenting is much more a marathon than a sprint! 

Overall, I believe the greatest blessing weve received is seeing the wonderful young adults who have grown up under these principles.  In the midst of tantrums, meltdowns and poopy diapers, it is sometimes easy to get lost in the chaos.  Knowing God has called us to prepare our children to obey His call and perform future kingdom work is amazing.  “From infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus” 2 Timothy 3:15  What a huge responsibility and gift…but if we dont teach them, how will they know and be ready?  We are passionate our children will have Gods word written on their hearts and love encouraging the families around us to do the same.  



My husband and I are expecting our first baby in July, and after much badgering from me that he needs to start studying up on how to be a dad, he took advice from a male coworker who told him the only baby book he needs is "Babywise" because he and his wife have used it on their children and their babies sleep through the night no problem! My husband, Ian, ordered the book but since it arrived I stole it from him and cannot put it down because I find it fascinating. Just know that we cannot wait to put these teachings in action with our baby in July and I plan on buying many more of your books!

Nicole H


I was excited to learn of the Preparation for Parenting classes in my area. As someone who grew up babysitting and caring for children I felt like I had a lot of knowledge about kids. However, I still knew there was so much more that went into parenting that I did not know and my husband had no clue about how to care for babies. We soaked up the classes and loved meeting other pregnant couples. We were introduced to basic principles that would help our child get on a healthy routine of sleeping well, eating well and having fun and alert play times. I had no idea how managing your child's day into a simple "eat, wake, sleep" pattern would so significantly impact our children's growth. All of my children have thrived, slept through the night before 3 months old (our oldest was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks), and have been content and happy babies. People often comment on how happy our children are. I know it's because they are on a routine, know what to expect and when to expect it and have parents that provide a consistent environment of love and structure. Thank you Prep for Parenting! 

 Nicole P


When we brought our first child home from the hospital we'd given no thought to reading a parenting book. We figured that was something to reach for once we hit the "terrible twos." I remember us rocking our daughter to sleep, only to have her wake up crying as soon as we laid her in her bed. So the cycle would begin again. It seemed I was feeding her constantly and when she slept it was usually in our arms. My husband wondered if he'd lost me to the couch at night forever. After three months of our daughter crying and me crying, we were exhausted and desperate. I called a friend in Dallas who'd had a baby about the same time so we could commiserate together. But instead, she told me about Babywise and the concept of a feed, wake, sleep cycle. Things were going great at her house! She mailed the book and I read it in one day. I realized that I was keeping my daughter from getting the sleep that she needed. Within a couple days we had a routine and peace back in our home. Babywise gave us a roadmap, understanding and confidence. We are so grateful. 

Teresa A 


I read the Babywise books as a new mom almost 20 yrs ago, wanting the best for our first child. However, our first child was difficult and I had lots of questions, so I called Dr. Bucknam's office and they put me in touch with a contact mom. I quickly began keeping in touch with her on a regular basis as she answered many questions, and helped me get my son on a schedule.

The biggest issue the Babywise principles helped me with were in creating a schedule that served me - and reminding me that I was not a servant to my schedule. This brought me balance and order to my life as I was a young mom raising babies. I needed order and routine in my life to feel like I was not drowning beneath everything as a new mom. The Babywise information showed me how to set the foundation for my infant to raise a disciplined, respectful happy child. 

As the years went by I kept asking more questions about different situations as they came up, and my contact mom kept leading me by the hand and giving me great advice. We had our second son, and now I had breastfeeding questions. She helped me with those, and answered my toddler questions as well. She was invaluable to me.    We had 4 kids, and all these materials have been invaluable in our parenting journey.   Looking back, that one Babywise book completely changed the direction of our parenting all together!!  

I became a contact mom way back in those early years, our family has become personal friends with the Bucknam's, and I have continued to seek out new moms who I can help get their baby on a schedule and sleeping through the night - to bring order and routine to their busy life.   I work with one mom at a time so I don't forget the principles I need to teach them. Little by little I help, guide and encourage one mom at a time!!!  

All the principles have helped us in more ways than we can express, but it all began by picking up a Babywise book and calling Dr. Bucknam's office to ask more questions about what to do - because it wasn't working like the book said it would!! LOL  

Kristi R


With my firstborn, I came to know about the concepts found in Babywsie when he was over a year old. I studied the material and began to apply the principles with him and enjoyed the results. I have used the ideas with my other 4 birth children and 3 adopted children. I am thrilled with the beautiful sleep patterns we enjoy as a family. We sleep all night long almost every night of the year and have for years. I believe the information is worth passing on to my children for their future children. Bravo to the Ezzos for their excellent work to help parents with infants. Im forever grateful!  

One of the things my husband found so endearing about the infant and toddler training material was how quickly our son was able to communicate with us using sign language. We have had so much fun teaching and using basic sign language with our little ones. By the time they are 13-14 months old, they have basic understanding and ability to use signs to communicate.  

Babywise taught me to value the husband wife relationship and to not lose sight of the importance of keeping my marriage strong over the years. I am a mother, yes, but I am also a wife, sister, friend and daughter.  

We all know babies cry, but the book taught me to think through and assess what is happening with my babies. Why are they crying and what would be a good response?

There is nothing sweeter than a little one who is content and satisfied. Thank you, Babywise, for showing me how to help all of my little ones learn contentment. Thank you for helping me learn to proactively meet the needs of my children. My goal as a mom is to gently train my children along the way, always keeping a bigger picture in mind.  My little ones love playing the yes mommy! game. We have such a fun time teaching our toddlers to come quickly to mom and dad.  Without the On Becoming books I could not have had happy babies and toddlers! 

Monica B 


When my husband and I were expecting our first child, we did a lot of reading about pregnancy and childbirth, but hadnt given much thought, if any, to what it would be like once baby came home.  I guess we figured we would instinctively know what to do after all, how hard could it be to keep a baby fed, clean and well-rested? 

Thankfully a friend who was also expecting their first baby asked me what I thought about Babywise.  Since I hadnt heard of it, I read a few reviews, thought it made sense and bought the book.  I sat in the babys nursery reading the book during my final weeks of pregancy.  The ideas shared in the book made perfect sense and I told my husband all about having a routine that would bring order to babys little life.  We learned about to assess healthy growth patterns and how not to react to every cry or whimper. 

After our bouncing baby boy was born, he was nearly a perfect Babywise baby- he would follow the eat, wake and sleep cycle to a T.  And everyone commented on what a happy baby he was!   

A few years later, our second bouncing baby boy was born, and we followed the same Babywise principles.  To be honest, things did not go so smoothly this time around, which is why I want to share my story.  Daytime naps were not a picnic, but we stuck to a routine with feeding and wake times and got through the rough and rocky naptimes.  The reason we did this was because in spite of our daytime difficulties (or perhaps because of sticking to a routine even when it seemed counterintuitive) our second sons nighttime sleep was amazing.  He slept through long stretches of night around 6-8 weeks.  And by 10 weeks he was sleeping a good 8 hours each night.  I knew I could survive any daytime issues because I knew I could count on good nighttime sleep for me and my baby.  And because my toddler also stayed on a routine, his days and nights remained unaffected by having a new little brother. 

We added one more baby boy to the family a few years later whose story is more similar to brother number two.  But with this son, we added reflux to the equation which was a whole new issue!  Again, nighttime sleep was never a problem and once we got the reflux under control, daytime naps were a breeze. 

I can honestly say that without Babywise that there is no way we would have known instinctively what to do about parenting babies!   

Beth M 


While I was expecting my first child, I read through Babywise. Some of it made sense, other aspects I knew would be made clear through experience. When my baby was around 5 weeks of age, I felt like things weren't going well. Obviously my son hadn't read the book! He wasn't napping like I was reading he should.  However, I trusted that Babywise was wise information, so I connected with a local mom who had followed Babywise too. This mom offered me peace and hope during a time in my life when I was desperate.  

Overall, baby wise gave me solid footing on ordering my baby's day to optimize his healthy development in critical areas such as eating, sleeping, and playing. Reading Babywise also gave me the confidence in regards to his crying. I was able to know when it was ok for him to cry, and also when it wasn't ok for him to cry. Babywise gave me the tools to understand his cry times. 

Having the knowledge of baby wise enabled me to understand my baby better, and the confidence to know that I was raising a healthy baby. It gave me direction in ordering his day to optimize his learning times; an order that continues to bear fruit today at six years old! We still read books together after lunch, he continues to have a short rest on his bed, and he enjoys having time in his day to play by himself, all traits of a structured day introduced in baby wise. 

Alissa H 

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