Baby Strangled by Blanket in Crib: A Warning to All Parents

No parent imagines what their baby sleeps with could potentially harm them...

A baby blanket is one of the sweetest objects our children carry around with them always. Which is what makes this story especially tragic...

A 7-month-old Washington baby named, Sloan DeRosier, was found unresponsive in his crib by his mother on July 3.

According to a People Human Interest story, Jordan DeRosier put her baby boy to bed in his crib with a blanket made by his great-great grandmother and another grey blanket he’d had since birth on the night of July 2.

According to DeRosier, Sloan somehow pulled the blanket through his crib rails and got himself stuck in it. She found him in the morning “ice cold” with purple skin and blue lips.

Sloan was the DeRosier's youngest son; they also have a 3 year old named Rowan.

Photo by Jordan DeRosier

According to the DailyMail UK, experts warn half of babies are at risk of suffocating in their sleep because of loose quilts, pillows and blankets. The American Academy of Pediatrics found around half of U.S. infants still sleep with 'potentially hazardous bedding', and that teenage mothers were most likely to use such bedding.

Examples of loose bedding that can cause baby strangulation in cribs are:

  • loose blankets
  • quilts
  • pillows
  • soft toys

Crib bumpers can also lead to infant suffocation, which is why they should no longer be used and instead parents should simply use a firmly tucked in sheet. 

No parents ever want to experience the heartbreak of what the DeRosier's went through, which is why they are sharing Sloan's story. DeRosier shares, “ really helps to know that even though our baby is gone, everyone is loving him and sharing his story and he could be helping keep other babies safe.”


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Featured Photo by Jordan DeRosier

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