Six Ways to Have an Amazing Family Spring Break (even with Baby!)

Spring Break Ideas That are Sure to Make the Whole Family Happy

Having the best spring break ever with your family is easier than you might think.

Spring break season is finally here – a perfect time for families to take off and spend quality time together. However, trying to find fun trips and outings to do with a baby can be a daunting task, especially if traveling with a baby is a new experience for your family.

Thankfully, the hard work has already been done for you. I’ve compiled a list of baby-friendly ideas that are sure to keep everyone happy for your entire spring break. Below you'll find six ways to have an amazing spring break with your whole family:


If the thought of traveling with your little one strikes fear in your heart, then a staycation is definitely the way to go. Staycations provide all the fun of a family vacation without any of the hassles of traveling with a baby.

1. Book a local hotel for a few days

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Choose a hotel with a great pool or kids' splash area, and spend your days lounging by the pool or splashing in the water with your kiddos. Make sure to take advantage of the hotel’s amenities and book an early dinner at the hotel’s restaurant. Splurge on a special dessert for the older kids and adults. P.S. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

2. Be a local tourist for the week

Check out the local baby-friendly attractions in your area: museums, waterparks, restaurants you’ve never visited, library events, and historic sites that are stroller accessible. Make a call to your local visitor’s bureau to ask for recommendations. You may be amazed at all your community has to offer.

3. Take a nature walk

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Spring break is the perfect time to get out and explore God’s wonderful creation with your baby. Put your baby in a front carrier or your older baby in a back carrier and head out into the great outdoors. Do you live near a beach? Take a walk on the beach. Do you live near mountains? Take a hike. Do you live on the prairie? Go for a walk in the wide-open fields. There’s nothing more rejuvenating than reconnecting with nature.

Travel Vacations

If you love to travel, you may want to use spring break to head out on baby’s first vacation.

1. Take a road trip

No, I haven’t lost my mind; road trips, even with babies, can be fun! The secret to making a road trip with a baby fun is planning – lots of planning. Bring plenty of snacks, toys, books, and music for your child. Give yourself more time than you need so that you can make more than usual stops. Plan excursions along the way to break up time in the car. Book a hotel or lodging in advance so that you can know where you’re stopping ahead of time. But, most of all, give yourself and your child a little bit of grace so that everyone can enjoy the special time you all have together.

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2. Visit a family-friendly resort

Family-friendly resorts are one of the best ways that a family can spend a vacation together. Resorts that cater to families have everything you need for an amazing vacation, without ever having to leave the property. Many of them come equipped with zero-entry pools (the best pools to visit with young children), lazy rivers, water parks, game rooms, kids’ activities, family game nights, and for the nights that the adults need a break – babysitting. And, if you choose to fly to your vacation destination, I’ve compiled a list of ways to survive flying with babies.

3. Take a cruise

While cruises are often thought of as an adult way to vacation, numerous cruise lines cater to families. These cruises provide many of the same amenities as family-friendly resorts, plus they add in Broadway-style shows, amazing food, and gorgeous ports of call that are sure to make it an amazing vacation for the whole family. And, there are often fabulous last-minute deals! Just make sure you double check age restrictions; most cruise lines require baby to be at least six months old upon departure.

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No matter what you decide to do on spring break, spending valuable time together as a family, especially with baby, is always worth it.

Jen Reyneri

Jen Reyneri

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