The 7 C’s You Should Never Buy Secondhand for Baby

Know What to Buy Full Price and Where You Can Save Money

This simple list will inspire you to spend your money wisely on the things that matter most for baby.

Finances can become tight when baby arrives and it's a challenge to budget for all the things you need: pacifiers, diapers, bottles, bags, books, bedding, and the list goes on. 

I am a wise and frugal shopper myself and often look for amazing deals for my family secondhand. However – when it comes to the safety of your newborn baby – there are certain things you should never consider buying used.

Here are my seven C's for things you should never buy secondhand for baby:

  1. Car seats

Much like your baby will, car seats are constantly growing and changing. The latest safety features may not have been available on previous year's models or they may be recalled. Worse yet, the secondhand car seat that looks good could have been in an automobile accident, compromising the integrity of its safety, without your knowledge. Stick to the newest and best; your child's life could depend on it.

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  1. Cribs

Much like car seats, the safety of cribs is always studied and updated. If you end up with a secondhand crib, it could be missing parts or have a glitch that you wouldn’t discover until you got home, even until you begin using it with baby.

  1. Carrier

Aside from you being able to display a bit of your personality with the carrier you choose, baby carriers can be one of the most recalled items for safety. Or, a secondhand carrier may be missing a vital part of its integrity. Designs and styles are always changing and improving. There are so many different ergonomic choices available now that weren't around when my boys were young. Do yourself a favor, splurge on the place where you'll be holding baby safe and snug to your heart. You'll both feel good about it.

  1. Crib Mattress

Even though a secondhand mattress may have been covered, chances are there was some kind of accident. And you know, baby accidents are filled with vomit, urine, and yes-- poop. You don't want your baby sleeping on invisible germs. Go ahead, buy a new crib mattress. There are so many different choices, from memory foam to organic cotton to traditional mattresses, you'll be glad you did.

These three are more for mom, but let’s face it, they're still for baby.

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  1. Comfy Nursing Bras

Finding the right nursing bras can be a lifesaver. They are something very personal and individual. You'll want to make sure you are comfortable and supported and at the same time, still look good while you take care of baby.

  1. Current Breast Pump

While all the exterior components of a breast pump can be cleaned and sanitized, cleaning inside the actual pump mechanism itself is nearly impossible. There's no way to be sure how the unit was cared for or what bacteria, and possibly even mold, is contained inside. This is not a place to skimp if you'll be pumping while you're nursing.

  1. Cool Diaper Bag

There's no substitution for being able to express your own fashion and style while carrying around baby. Your diaper bag is the place to do it. You may want a sling bag, a messenger style or even a backpack, but which ever way you choose why not use your registry and some of your gift money as a place to treat yourself, too. After all, this bag will be your best friend and travel companion on every journey you make with baby. It’s an investment for years to come. Over a decade later, my awesome padded diaper bag still doubles as a camera bag. However, if you find one secondhand that you love – there's no safety requirement against it. This is just a fun suggestion to make sure you remember you, mama!

Search for Bargains

Even though this article contains things you should never buy secondhand for baby, I am, however, a big advocate of finding the best deals on these new items. It’s wise to save money and keep your family out of debt. So watch for sales & free shipping (like we have going on right now in our Babywise Shop!), do a little research and see if there are coupons or closeout colors. To help offset the cost of some higher ticket items like the car seat and crib, add them to your registry. Or perhaps a group of friends or family can pitch in together on a larger gift.

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Use these ideas when creating your baby registry and shopping for items during your nesting season. Save your frugality and secondhand shopping for the onesies, decor, and completely washable things. You'll be secure in knowing your baby is safe, and you’ll still be in style.

Check at any time for baby item recalls here:

Below are 7 of our favorite C's: 

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