Salty & Sweet Popcorn Recipe

If you are trying to be healthy this new year and cut out the snacking, here's one snack you won't have to give up.

Several years ago, I was trying to cut out snacking and work in a more healthy lifestyle. I had cut out all of my normal go-to snacks like the powdered Donettes and Mug Root Beer.

But it was difficult to cut out snacking completely.  

About two and a half weeks into my new lifestyle change, my subconscious obviously couldn’t take it anymore and I began dreaming of the food I was missing out on.

I dreamed about kettle corn.

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The next day, looking through my cupboards, I decided to try to make my own salty and sweet popcorn.  

It took me a few burned batches to finally get it right. And after timing this over and over again, I can say I have it down to a science. In less than six minutes, I can have a sweet and salty treat that doesn't backfire my whole day of healthy eating.

Salty & Sweet Popcorn Recipe  


* ¼ a cup of Popcorn Kernels  
* 2 TBSP Coconut Oil  
* ¼ Cup Honey 
* 2 tsp Sea Salt 
* 2 Pot Holders  
* 1 Pot with a lid and handles. Preferably one like this: 

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Minute One:  

* Set pot on stove with two table spoons of coconut oil.  

* Turn stove on between Medium and Medium High heat (my oven has a dial of 1-10 and I put the heat between the 7 and 8 if that helps.)  

* Cover the bottom of the pot with a layer of popcorn kernels (only one kernel thick.) 

* Place the lid on the pot. 

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Minute Two: 

* Place honey in a microwave safe container (I use a glass measuring cup with a pour spout) and microwave for 33 seconds.  (Honey should be quite liquid at this point and not thick). Set honey aside. 

Minute Three:  

* Back to the stove. The oil should be melted by now, so I simply shift the kernels around to make sure they are all coated with the coconut oil. 

Minute Four: 

* Get your pot holders and sea salt ready. The popcorn should begin popping by now.  

Minute Five: 

* Popcorn should be popping nicely. When there are more than ten seconds between "pops" that is when you know to remove the pot from the stove. 

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Minute Six: 

* Use the pot holders to remove the pot from the stove, and remove lid.  

* Pour melted honey entirely over the popcorn. 

QUICKLY place lid back on pot. 

* Using the pot holders and your hands to secure the lid, shake the pop corn around vigorously ensuring that all the melted honey does not go straight to the bottom where it can burn the popped corn 

* After popcorn is coated in honey, remove lid, and salt to taste.  

* Put the lid back on, and shake it again to coat the sweet popcorn with salt. 

* Enjoy. 

Voila! A guilt-free, salty & sweet popcorn snack that even your toddlers will enjoy. Snack on. 

What is your favorite healthy snack that your kids love too?

Lena Vogelgesang

Lena Vogelgesang

Lena likes to define herself by the Seven C’s: Christ, Chris, Children, Comrades, Coffee, Cheese, & Cardio. Due to her love of coffee and cheese, she must also have a relationship with increasing her heart rate. The Lord has given her a wonderful husband in Chris and they have two young boys.

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