20 Recommended Things To Do With Your Newborn

The list includes multiple feedings, naps, and diaper changes.

Pediatricians have recommended multiple things for parents to do with their baby each day. Lilee Williams (Babygaga) has compiled a list of the twenty main things parents should do daily with a newborn. The list begins with cleaning the baby up, usually involving a diaper change (number one). 

Feeding the baby is second on the agenda; the morning feeding will be bigger for a hungry newborn. Williams recommends playtime and a subsequent nap. One other important daily activity is skin-to-skin contact with mom, which can bond mom and baby. 

Sixth on the daily list is... more diaper changes. They'll be frequent for newborns, as will more feeding sessions (number seven). Time spent outdoors and time spent on their tummies is also healthy for a growing newborn (tummy time helps them develop strength). 

Napping and playtime will also repeat for a newborn baby. They may need a bath as well, and some comforting if they have colic. Moms can even massage their newborn after bath time, using some baby lotion (fourteen).

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When bedtime rolls around, parents can dress their baby in clean clothes and read to them before they sleep (even newborns benefit from reading!). They'll also need to be fed one more time and have their gums or teeth brushed. Finally: they may not sleep through the night, and may require a midnight snack.

This may seem like an exhausting list, but the twenty items actually have a lot of repeats. Click here for Williams' detailed article.

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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