I’ve rounded up the top gift ideas to make celebrating Dad a little easier this year.

Depending on your personality and that of your husband’s, Father’s Day can be an anticipated event or it can feel like a burden. Some women are natural celebrators and wonderful at making people feel special, while others might lack the creativity (and sometimes confidence) to honor someone well.

Certain men are vocal about what they want or need and others have everything, making it difficult to find the perfect gift.

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As a new mom, it’s easy to go through each day, overwhelmed with the endless responsibilities of parenting, paying more attention to being an intentional mama to our little one than being an intentional wife to our husband. Let this Father’s Day be a chance to get out of our comfort zones, and take some time to focus on and celebrate our partners in the parenting journey.

While we all have different ways that we receive love, giving Dad a gift that will bring him closer to the new baby will help to cement the bond that is already forming and show him how much you love and appreciate his presence and support.

Top Ten Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts for the Dad Who Likes to Get Outside

For the outdoorsy new dad that is ready to bring Baby along on all of his adventures, here are some ways to haul Baby around the great outdoors:

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Gifts That Make Things Easier for Dad

When Dad is taking Junior for a daddy’s-day-out, he needs things that are quick, easy and organized:

Gifts for the Dad Who Needs Some Down Time

Let’ be honest, sometimes Dad is just plain worn out after sleepless nights and long days at work. He wants to be close to baby, but he needs to watch the big game, get a nap himself, or have a quiet moment with Mom:

No doubt you want to honor Dad and make him feel special: find something to help Dad make the adjustment to fatherhood a little easier and feel more connected to the new baby.

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