Please Help Me with My Baby's Schedule!

We understand starting your baby on a schedule can be challenging. Let me restate your question first:

I have had her on Babywise since she was 3 weeks. She is now 18 weeks and I can’t seem to get her on a schedule She doesn’t nap well and is waking up often in the night for me to settle her back to sleep, every morning at 4-5 am I have to put her in bed with me to get her back to sleep.

My strongest suggestion is that you begin her day at the same time and end it close to the same time. It does take training to help her extend her nap time. This is not easy for us as parents but training will help her naps extend to the desired 1 1/2 to 2 hours she needs.

Remember to limit her feedings to every 3 hours. Feed first, give her a little wake time and then put her down so that she can learn the skill of putting herself to sleep.

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The only exception to the 3-hour feeding is through the late night and early morning hours. After the last feeding of the day allow her to sleep as long as she will. 

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Obviously, this is a general answer. Please feel free to continue the conversation in the comments below.

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