I'm exhausted! How do I manage my days with a newborn?

3 simple tips for new moms to manage their daytime routine.

Having a baby can certainly wreak havoc with you day. But don't fret; you too can do this. 

While every mom and every schedule are different, here are a few thoughts that may help.

  • Check your routine – you may need to eliminate some activities and gradually add them back into your routine later.
  • Mom, you need to get enough rest. Schedule yourself a nap when baby and other children are napping.
  • Life at home will go more smoothly if you have worked out a meal schedule for the family. I would encourage you to have a menu plan for the first 2 weeks after the baby arrives. (Use the crock-pot)

If you also need help starting your newborn on a sleep schedule, read our article on starting a sleep routine for your baby.

We hope this has helped! If you have any further questions, please continue the dialogue in the comments below.

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