What breastfeeding basics do I need to know before my baby arrives?

Where to start if you're planning to breastfeed for the first time.

This is a very common question. To ensure successful breastfeeding, here are some suggestions that may help.

  • Make sure you are drinking enough liquids (at least one tall glass (8 oz) of water every time you sit down to nurse.)
  • Have an electric pump available. (Manual pumps are not recommended for anything more than a once or twice weekly replacement feeding for the established breastfeeding mom.) Medela is a good brand for electric pumps. You can also visit Medela.com for information regarding how to choose the right pump and to find local distributors.
  • Be prepared to give the baby an occasional bottle when or if necessary. If you are planning to work outside the home, I would encourage you to introduce the bottle to baby around 2 weeks of age. You can pump and offer the breast-milk for the feedings that baby will have while you are at work. If formula will be used while you are at work, that should be introduced about 2 weeks prior to your return to work. Being proactive in the transition from breast to bottle or breast-milk to formula will make things incredibly easier for the day-care provider and baby when you return to work.

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We hope that helps! If you have any further questions, feel free to continue the conversation below.

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